DUSK 24" x 20" oil

ROUND TOP LAKE 20" x 20" oil

AT THE CROSSING 40" x 48" oil

NEVADA WINDS 30" x 40" oil

Courtesy of The Ferraro Collection.

JEWEL TONES 30" x 40" oil

SANDRA'S PASTURE  8" x 10" oil

THE WHITE SWATH  8" x 10" oil

DRY WASH 30" x 30" oil

This is looking into Death Valley from the Nevada side on a blistering hot autumn day.

SIERRA DUSK  8" x 10" oil

Sometimes I'll spend the day trekking around to find the thing to paint, only to find it waiting for me at the trailer when I return. I painted this scene twice, the first in the evening and the second the next morning. The evening worked out the best and it's now in the collection of Jean Legassick. The morning verson is on the right.

TIOGA PASS  20" x 24" oil

I've always liked the saying, "God gives the milk but not the pail." The elements in this painting were all there, but they needed a heck of a lot of coaxing to get themselves organized for this painting. Nature rarely persents itself perfectly for painting, at least for me. Either I don't find the right spots or I'm a glutton for punishment.

Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Stewart

GOLDEN MOUNTAIN, NEVADA  30" x 30" oil (available for purchase at Stremmel Gallery)

For me, all roads lead to Nevada. It's a land of contrasts: ruggedly beautiful, full of emptiness, high and wide. There's not a place in the state where mountains can't be seen on the horizon, usually to the east and west but sometimes you're fully surrounded. Even the least prominent hills have unobscured character.

ROCK CREEK 24" x 24" oil

LAKE FULL OF SKY  30" x 36" oil

I think I painted this in 2006. I remember this only because Echo was a pup and I took her with me that day. While I was painting she ventured down the beach to where a businessman sat on the driftwood enjoying his lunch with a view. Suddenly I heard some yelling and I turned to see her running with half of his sandwich in her mouth. Good dog. I often turn to simple subjects where many artists wouldn't see a painting. This is one of the best examples.


All artwork and content Copyright © 2020 CRAIG MITCHELL

LAKE TAHOE  50" x 60" oil

I looked at this spot a dozen times over a period of several years, knowing there was a painting but not sure how to get everything to cooperate. After three attempts, here she is. Courtesy of the Batjer collection.

CREOSOTE AND SHADOW 24" x 30" oil (available for purchase at Stremmel Gallery)